​Events: List all of your special events, parties, deadlines, etc… Link a push notification to this tab to promote a specific event.

Contact: Make it simple for your customers to contact you. They can call, email, get directions or visit your website all from one convenient tab.

​Menu: Have your menu at the fingertips of your customers at all times. This menu can be a menu of your food items or any product that you sell or services you provide.

Sponsor: Display you sponsors and advertisers! Sell add space on your app and generate revenue! 


​​Tell a Friend (Share): This tab allows your customers to easily share your app with their friends or family through social media.  This is a great feature!

Social Media: Link your mobile application to your social media profiles. You can promote your app on your sites and vice versa.

Around Us: Identify points of interest around your business, such as hospitals, schools etc…

Ads Tab: Display ads on your application.

Call Us Tab: One touch dialing for your customers.

Car Finder Tab: Easily locate your car after an event or function.

Email Form Tab: Capture information for a specific purpose.

Email Photo Tab: Allows your customers to submit photos of them having fun using or enjoying your product or environment. You get to approve prior to them appearing in the app.

Fan Wall Tab: Allows your customers to write a review of your business. You control what stays and what goes.

Food Ordering Tab: Receive orders via your application.

Golf Course Tab: Keep score, view course layout and distances.

GPS Coupon Tab: Present coupons to loyal customers based on their geographical location.

Image Gallery Tab: Display a gallery of images from your customer’s submissions, company parties or link it to your social media (Instagram) and have them display automatically.

Info Tab: This tab can be used to display any misc. information you want.

Mailing List Tab: Easily collect information from your customers so you can add them to your mailing list. There can be a prompt to sign up when your app is opened for the first time.

Membership Tab: Require login credentials to access the mobile applications. Great for private apps for sales teams, etc…

Push Notifications (Promo):  Send messages directly to your customers’ mobile devices! This can include any special, promo or event that you would like to promote.  Link the notification to your social media or any tab or website to direct them to a specific item or event.  This is most effective way to communicate with your customers and will bring them to your business!

Loyalty (Rewards):  Give your loyal customers incentive to return and earn their reward! This is great in this economy. Everybody likes getting something for free!​

Mortgage Calculator Tab: Include this in your real estate or mortgage company app to make it easy to calculate a mortgage payment.

Music Tab: Include music in your app. The music can play in the background as your app is being used.

PDF Tab: Make PDF files easy to access for your customers.

Podcast Tab: Have your Podcast or Video Podcast sent directly to this tab within your app.

QR Coupon Tab: Present a coupon which can be redeemed by simply scanning a QR Code.

QR Scanner Tab: QR Scanner built directly in your app.

Real Estate Tab: Display your real estate listings in an organized manner.

Reservation Tab: Reserve a table, haircut or any other appointment that needs to be scheduled.

Sports Statistic Tab: Track your reps, laps or anything needing to be counted or tracked.

Tip Calculator Tab: Easily calculate the tip for your server and split amongst a group to identify everyone’s share of a restaurant bill.

Voice Recorder Tab: Record important information for use at a later date. A car accident report for example.

Walkthrough Tab: Display detailed directions on what to look for and how to navigate your app.

Website Tab: Link your app to your website or any other URL that you want on your app.

YouTube Channel Tab: Link your YouTube Channel for easy viewing from your app.

Merchandise Tab: Sell your goods directly from your app.